The Return of the King is a 1980 Rankin & Bass animation film, and is the basis of The Return of the King, the third book in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The Return of the King acts as a sequel to Rankin and Bass' earlier interpretation of The Hobbit, released in 1977.

Plot synopsis Edit

Frodo and Sam both travel together to celebrate Bilbo's 129th birthday in Elrond. The company goes back on the day when the Ring was destroyed. Prior to their events, Sam and Frodo were separated with Frodo taken prisoner by the Enemy in their fortress, Cirith Ungol. Sam meanwhile has taken upon his duty to have Frodo's old sword and the ring, procuring it for himself before dismissing it and goign to rescue Frodo.

Meanwhile in the corners of Gondor, war has taken up known as the Siege of Gondor. Gandalf took control over the military because their leader was insane. Among the guards was Pippin who had accomponied Gandalf previously before the events. Also, Theoden, the king of Gondor has secretly dispatched his men and himself to fighting in aiding their allies.

Meanwhile ,Sam passes the Gates and then goes to Frodo, where he frees him from teh Orcs and they make their way to Mount Doom. However, the two Hobbits intercept an army that is on their way to the black Gate before they are later able to elude the Ring-wraiths and the orcs after causing an almost uprising.When Theoden's company comes, Pippin Merry and others reunite with each other. During the battle, Theoden is killed by the unnnamed King of Angmar. who in return is killed by Merry and Lady Eowyn

Back in Mordor, Sam searches for days for Frodo and finds him when the hobbit is bitten off by Gollum. However, the former hobbit falls into the fiery grave and they make it out alive. Back in present day, many of hte hobbits are upset Frodo and Bilbo are leaving, but they all manage to leave with Frodo giving Sam the Red Book before leaving.

Cast Edit

  • Orson Bean as Frodo and Bilbo Baggins
  • Theodore Bikel as Aragorn
  • William Conrad as Lord Denethor
  • John Huston as Gandalf
  • Roddy McDowall as Sam
  • Theodore as Gollum
  • Paul Frees as Elrond/Orc/Uruk-hai
  • Don Messick as Theoden/Easterling/The Mouth of Sauron
  • John Stephenson as Lord of the Nazgul/Gondorian Guard
  • Casey Kasem as Merry Brandybuck
  • Sonny Melendrez as Pippin Took
  • Nellie Bellflower as Eowyn 
  • Glenn Yarbrough as The Minstrel

Difference from the novel Edit

  • Faramir, Eomer, Gimli and Legolas are all exempted from the book.