Shadowfax (also known as the Lord of all Horses, is a supporting character in The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

He was known for being a mount of Gandalf the White (who was formerly known as Gandalf the Grey)

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The Return of the King Edit

Shadowfax was ridden by Gandalf when they visited Isengard. At the door of Orthanc, Saruman attacks Gandalf and Shadowfax with a fireball, but Gandalf is able to deflect Saruman's power and use a protection spell for them to survive the fire and breaks Saruman's staff. When Pippin picks up the Palantir, Shadowfax takes Gandalf to the Hobbit, and tells Pippin to give him the palantir.

A few days later, Shadowfax bears Pippin and Gandalf to Minas Tirith. Sometime after the fall of Osgiliath, Gandalf rides out on Shadowfax and blinds the Nazgul with the light from his wizard staff. Gandalf later rides Shadowfax during the siege of Minas Tirith, commanding the armies. 

The next morning, Shadowfax and Gandalf are approached by Pippin, who tells Gandalf that Denethor is planning on killing himself and Faramir. All three of them gallop through the halls, but the Witch-king confronts Gandalf and his companions, and scares Shadowfax out of his wits.  

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Shadowfax is a calm and collected horse who is loyal and wise to all. He usually disliked wearing a saddle, one of the reasons Gandalf rode him without one.

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Shadowfax is a Mearas horse. He is a white horse with blonde mane and tail. He also has dark grey muzzle and ears and black eyes. In the books, Shadowfax has silver mane, tail and coat.