Fili and Kili are minor characters in Rankin and Bass' film adaptation of The Hobbit. They are the sons of Dis, the grandsons of Thrain, nephews of Thorin Oakenshield and Frerin and great-grandsons of Thror. It is unclear if they didn't survive the battle like the book, so their certain fate is left unknown.

History Edit

Fíli and Kíli were brothers, the youngest of the thirteen dwarves who set out on Thorin Oakenshield's quest along with Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins to reclaim the Lonely Mountain for the Dwarves. Their fate is unknown, but it is presumed highly that Fili and Kili were killed in battle defending their wounded uncle from orcs.

Appearance Edit

Fili was the older brother of the two. Same like Kíli, Fili had blond almost yellow hair. Fili also has seemingly blue eyes like Kíli and is eighty-two years old (young in dwarf years). He also wore shades of brown and green and a belt.

Meanwhile Kíli is seventy-seven and younger than Fili. His nose is long but shorter than Fili's was,=, He also wears an identical belt to his older brother.

Family/Relatives Edit

  • Unknown father
  • Dis (mother)
  • Frerin (maternal uncle)
  • Thorin Oakenshield (maternal uncle)
  • Thror (great-grandfather)
  • Thrain (grandfather)
  • Dain I (great-grandfather)

Trivia Edit

Fili and Kili usually talk in a group. The only dwarves who speak individually are Thorin, Balin, Bombur and Dori.

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