Bilbo Baggins is a fictional character in Lord of the Rings series and the main protagonist and title character of its prequel, The Hobbit.

Relatives Edit

  • Balbo Baggins (paternal great grandfather; deceased) 
  • Berylla Boffin (paternal great grandmother; deceased) 
  • Laura Grubb (paternal grandmother) 
  • Mungo Baggins (paternal grandfather) 
  • Belba Baggins, Linda and Chica Baggins, nee Chubb (paternal aunt) 
  • Rudigar Bolger, Longo Baggins, Bodo Proudfoot Bingo Baggins (paternal uncle). 
  • Otho Sackville-Baggins and Falco-Chubb Baggins (paternal cousins) 
  • Lotho Sackville-Baggins and Poppy Bolger (nee Chubb Baggins) (paternal cousins once removed)