Lady Éowyn is one of the main female protagonists. She is the niece of King Théoden, the sister of Éomer, cousin of Théodred, granddaughter of Thengel and daughter of Éomund and Théodwyn.

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Early life Edit

Éowyn was born in Rohan to Theodwyn, the younger sister of King Theoden and Lord Eomund. However, as a young girl, her father was killed in battle. Her mother later died of an unknown illness, heavily implied to be a broken heart because of her father's death. She would not truly smile for a matter of years. Theoden took custody over her and became a father figure to Éowyn and Éomer

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The Two Towers Edit

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Return of the King Edit

Before the Battle of Pelennor Fields, Eowyn disguises herself as a man and bears Merry with her. However, the two are separated in battle. She sees her dying uncle at the mercy of the Witch-king and his fell beast and rushes in to defend him. However, the king briefly gets the upper hand before Merry stabbed him in the back, getting poisoned in the process. Eowyn uses this opportunity and defeats the Witch-king.

Her brother finds her among the dead and Aragorn heals her. While she and Faramir are recovering at the House of Healings, they fall in love with each other and begin a relationship. The couple appear at Aragorn's coronation, thus displaying that they are instead friends.

Extended edition Edit

There are several scenes added in the film that had Eowyn's scenes cut out at certain points in the movie. Eowyn has nightmares of the end of the world, to which Aragorn comforts her before she falls back asleep. She and Merry have a conversation before going to war and their friendship grows

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